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HORNBECK OFFSHORE SERVICES INC /LA filed this Form 8-K on 08/07/2003
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         sudden, accidental or non-accidental Releases) of or exposure to any
         Contaminant, odor or audible noise, into or onto the environment
         (including without limitation the air, ground, water or any surface)
         at, in, by, from or related to the Business or the Assets, (ii) the
         transportation, storage, treatment or disposal of materials in
         connection with the operation of the Business or Assets, (iii) the
         violation or alleged violation of any statutes, ordinances, orders,
         rules, regulations, Permits or licenses of or from any governmental
         authority, agency or court relating to environmental matters connected
         with the Business or the Assets or (iv) any other violation of any
         Domestic Environmental Laws or Foreign Environmental Laws.

                  "Foreign Environmental Laws" shall mean any applicable
         international treaties or conventions and the environmental health and
         safety statutes, rules and regulations of non-U.S. jurisdictions in
         which Seller and Manager conduct business.

                  "Permit" shall mean any permit, approval, authorization,
         license variance, or permission required from a governmental authority
         under any applicable Domestic Environmental Laws or Foreign
         Environmental Laws.

                  "Release" shall mean any release, spill, emission, leaking,
         pumping, injection, deposit, disposal, discharge, dispersal, leaching,
         or migration into the indoor or outdoor environment, or into or out of
         any property owned or leased by Seller or Manager, including the
         movement of any Contaminant through or in the air, soil, surface water,
         groundwater, or property and including without limitation the meanings
         of such words as set forth in the laws, applicable treaties, rules,
         ordinances or regulations or analogous governmental provisions referred
         to under Domestic Environmental Laws or Foreign Environmental Laws.

                  "Remedial Action" shall mean all actions required or
         voluntarily undertaken to (1) clean up, remove, treat, or in any other
         way address any Contaminant in the indoor or outdoor environment; (2)
         prevent the Release or threat of Release, or minimize the further
         Release of any Contaminant so it does not migrate or endanger or
         threaten to endanger public health or welfare of the indoor or outdoor
         environment; or (3) perform pre-remedial studies and investigations and
         post-remedial monitoring and care.

         2.24 BROKERS/ADVISORS. All negotiations with respect to this Agreement
and the transactions contemplated hereby have been carried out by Seller,
Manager and Stockholder directly with Buyer, without the intervention of any
person on behalf of Seller, Manager or Stockholder in such manner as to give
rise to any valid claim by any person against Buyer for a finder's fee,
brokerage commission or similar payment.

         2.25 DISCLOSURE. Each response by Seller, Manager and/or Stockholder by
or through its officers, employees or other representatives to inquiries in
connection with the due diligence performed by representatives of Buyer, as
revised or updated by subsequent disclosures and this Agreement, was complete
and accurate in all material respects. Copies of the most recent versions of all
documents and other written information referred to herein or in the schedules
that have been delivered or made available to Buyer are true, correct and
complete copies thereof and include all amendments, supplements or modifications
thereto or waivers thereunder. Such