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HORNBECK OFFSHORE SERVICES INC /LA filed this Form 8-K on 08/07/2003
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         applicable to any Employee Plans maintained by Seller, Manager,
         Stockholder and each ERISA Affiliate.

         2.17 CONTRACTS AND COMMITMENTS. Schedule 2.17 contains a true, complete
and correct list (and Seller has previously delivered to Buyer true, complete
and correct copies) of all of the following documents or agreements, or
summaries of material oral agreements or understandings, directly relating to
the Business or primarily to the Assets to which, on the date of this Agreement,
Seller, Manager or Stockholder is a party, or which directly affect the
Business, the Assets or the transactions contemplated hereby and all documents
or agreements which may require any action or consent in connection with such
transactions, as they may have been amended to the date hereof:

         (a) any written employment or consulting agreement, contract or
commitment with any Vessel-based employee or any contract or agreement with
other consultants; 

         (b) any agreement, contract or commitment with any party containing any
covenant limiting the ability of Seller, Stockholder or any Vessel-based
employee of Seller or Manager to engage in business or to compete in any
location or with any person;

         (c) any agreement, contract or commitment relating to the future
disposition or acquisition of any investment in any party or of any interest in
any business enterprise involving the Business or the Assets;

         (d) any contract or commitment for capital expenditures or the
acquisition or construction of fixed assets;

         (e) any contract or commitment for the sale or furnishing of materials,
supplies, merchandise, equipment or services;

         (f) any written agreement, instrument or other arrangement, or any
unwritten agreement, contract, commitment or other arrangement, between or among
Seller and any of the affiliates of parties related to Seller;

         (g) any contract which grants to any person a preferential right to
purchase any of the assets or properties of Seller;

         (h) any contract, agreement or commitment with respect to the discharge
or removal of a Contaminant (as defined in Section 2.23 below) other than in the
ordinary course of business; and

         (i) any other agreement or instrument not made in the ordinary course
of business.

There is no course of dealing, waiver, side agreement, arrangement or
understanding applicable to any such contract of Seller, Manager or Stockholder.

         2.18 PATENTS, TRADEMARKS AND COPYRIGHTS. Seller neither owns nor is a
licensee or sublicensee of any patents, trademarks, copyrights or other
intellectual property rights relating to the Business or Assets except for (i)
such rights that are incorporated by the manufacturers into