SEC Filings

HORNBECK OFFSHORE SERVICES INC /LA filed this Form 8-K on 08/07/2003
Entire Document

         (g) any mortgage, pledge, or other encumbrance of any Asset;

         (h) any amendment or termination of any Assumed Contract, except in the
ordinary course of business;

         (i) any breach of the terms of any contract or agreement that is
material to the Business;

         (j) any commencement, notice of commencement or threat of commencement
of any litigation or any governmental proceeding against or investigation of
Seller or Manager or the affairs of Seller or Manager;

         (k) any issuance or sale by Seller, other than to Stockholder, of any
of Seller's capital stock of any class, or of any other of its securities or
other ownership interest, or any commitment, obligation or agreement to do so;

         (l) any liabilities that have not been disclosed in the Financial
Statements, other than those incurred in the ordinary course of business since
December 31, 2002;

         (m) any waiver or release of any right or claim of Seller;

         (n) any amendment to any national, federal, state, municipal, local,
foreign or other tax returns or reports that have been filed in any

         (o) any transactions by Seller with an affiliate or related party;

         (p) any change by Seller in accounting methods or principles applicable
to the Business or the Assets that would be required to be disclosed under
generally accepted accounting principles;

         (q) any entry into any commitment of any kind, or the occurrence of any
event giving rise to any contingent liability not covered by the foregoing that
would have a material adverse effect on the Assets or the Business;

         (r) any change in the manner in which any of the Assets have been
historically maintained or repaired; or

         (s) any contract, commitment or agreement to do any of the foregoing.

         2.10 ABSENCE OF DEFAULTS. Neither Seller, Manager nor Stockholder is in
default, and no event has occurred which with notice or lapse of time or both
would constitute a default, in any way under any term or provision of any
agreement or instrument to which Seller, Manager or Stockholder is a party or by
which Seller, Manager or Stockholder is bound that relates to or would affect
the Business or by or to which any of the Assets is bound or subject or that
could adversely affect the ability of Seller, Manager or Stockholder to
consummate the transactions contemplated hereby.