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HORNBECK OFFSHORE SERVICES INC /LA filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2018
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employing active heave compensation technology, one or more ROVs and expansive accommodations for the offshore crew, including customer personnel. MPSVs can also be outfitted as a flotel to provide accommodations to large numbers of offshore construction and technical personnel involved in large-scale offshore projects, such as the commissioning of a floating offshore production facility. When in a flotel mode, the MPSV provides living quarters for personnel, catering, laundry, medical services, recreational facilities and offices. In addition, flotels coordinate and help to provide the facilities necessary for the offshore workers being accommodated to safely move from the vessel to other offshore structures being supported through the use of articulated gangways that allow personnel to "walk to work." Generally, MPSVs command higher dayrates than OSVs due to their significantly larger relative size and versatility, as well as higher construction and operating costs.
370 class MPSVs
We have devised MPSVs that, in addition to the array of services described above, are also capable of being utilized to transport deck or bulk cargoes in capacities exceeding most other new generation OSVs. We own and operate two proprietary 370 class DP-2 new generation MPSVs with such capabilities. These MPSVs have approximately double the deadweight and three times the liquid mud barrel-capacity of one of our 265 class new generation OSVs and more than four times the liquid mud barrel-capacity of one of our 240 class new generation OSVs. Moreover, with their large tanks, these MPSVs have assisted in large volume deepwater well testing and flow-back operations, as well as supporting large drilling operations in remote or harsh conditions. Both of our 370 class MPSVs have certifications by the USCG that permit Jones Act-qualified operations as a supply vessel, industrial/construction vessel and as a petroleum and chemical tanker under subchapters “L”, “I”, “D”, and “O”, respectively. We believe that these vessels are not only the largest supply vessels in the world, but are also the only vessels in the world to have received all four of these certifications.
400 class and 310 class MPSVs
Until recently, due to a lack of Jones Act-qualified MPSVs, many customers would charter an OSV to carry equipment to location, which was then installed by a foreign flag MPSV. By eliminating the need for two vessels, we believe our customers will improve efficiencies and mitigate operational risks. Our Jones Act-qualified MPSVs are equipped with a heave-compensated knuckle-boom crane, helideck, accommodations for approximately 90-100 persons and are suitable for two or more work-class ROVs. Moreover, our Jones Act-qualified MPSVs are also equipped with below-deck cargo tanks, allowing them to expand their mission utility to include services more typically provided by OSVs.
We are scheduled to take delivery of two 400 class MPSVs in the second and third quarters of 2019. Because our 400 class and 310 class MPSVs are Jones Act-qualified, we expect that they will enable our customers to transport equipment from shore to the installation site to be installed by the MPSV without needing to use a second (domestic) vessel for transport like foreign-flagged MPSVs are required to do. We believe that, once delivered, the 400 class MPSVs will be the largest and most capable Jones Act-qualified MPSVs available in the market.