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HORNBECK OFFSHORE SERVICES INC /LA filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2018
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Because we are not generally protected by the damage limits imposed by state workers’ compensation statutes for these types of claims, we may have greater exposure for any claims made by these employees.
Our success depends on key members of our management, the loss of whom could disrupt our business operations.
We depend to a large extent on the efforts and continued employment of our executive officers and key management personnel. We do not maintain key-man insurance. The loss of services of one or more of our executive officers or key management personnel could have a negative impact on our financial condition and results of operations.
Restrictions contained in the indentures governing our 2020 senior notes, our 2021 senior notes, and in the agreement governing our New Credit Facility may limit our ability to obtain additional financing and to pursue other business opportunities.
Covenants contained in the indenture governing our 2020 senior notes, in the indenture governing our 2021 senior notes and in the agreement governing our New Credit Facility require us to meet certain financial tests, which may limit or otherwise restrict:
our flexibility in operating, planning for, and reacting to changes, in our business;
our ability to dispose of assets, withstand current or future economic or industry downturns and compete with others in our industry for strategic opportunities; and
our ability to obtain additional financing for working capital, refinancing of existing debt, capital expenditures, including our newbuild programs, acquisitions, general corporate and other purposes.
We have high levels of fixed costs that will be incurred regardless of our level of business activity.
Our business has high fixed costs. Downtime or low productivity due to reduced demand, as is currently being experienced, from weather interruptions or other causes can have a significant negative effect on our operating results and financial condition. In addition, given our recent vessel stackings, our fixed costs are borne by a substantially smaller active fleet of vessels.
Our revenues and operating results may vary significantly from quarter to quarter due to a number of factors such as volatility in our vessel dayrates, changes in utilization, vessel incidents and other unforeseen matters. Many of these factors that may cause our actual financial results to vary from our publicly disclosed earnings guidance and forecasts are outside of our control.
Our actual financial results might vary from those anticipated by us or by securities analysts and investors, and these variations could be material. From time to time we publicly provide various forms of guidance, which reflect our projections about future market expectations and operating performance. The numerous assumptions underlying such guidance may be impacted by factors that are beyond our control and might not turn out to be accurate. Although we believe that the assumptions underlying our projections are reasonable when such projections are made, actual results could be materially different, particularly with respect to our MPSVs.
We are susceptible to unexpected increases in operating expenses such as crew wages, materials and supplies, maintenance and repairs, and insurance costs.
Many of our operating costs, such as crew wages, materials and supplies, maintenance and repairs, and insurance costs, are unpredictable and vary based on events beyond our control. Our gross margins will vary based on fluctuations in our operating costs. If our costs increase or we encounter unforeseen costs, we may not be able to recover such costs from our customers, which could adversely affect our financial position, results of operations and cash flows.
Stacked vessels may introduce additional operational issues.
In recognition of weak market conditions, we have elected to stack OSVs and MPSVs on various dates since October 1, 2014. We may choose to stack additional vessels should market conditions warrant. In connection with such stackings, we have reduced our mariner headcount significantly. Operationally, we limit the number of persons available to maintain such stacked vessels. Also, we have fewer revenue-producing units in service that can contribute to our