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HORNBECK OFFSHORE SERVICES INC /LA filed this Form 10-K on 02/28/2018
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The early termination of contracts on our vessels could have an adverse effect on our operations.
Some of the long-term contracts for our vessels and all contracts with governmental entities and national oil companies contain early termination options in favor of the customer; however, some have early termination remedies or other provisions designed to discourage the customers from exercising such options. We cannot assure that our customers would not choose to exercise their termination rights in spite of such remedies or the threat of litigation with us. Until replacement of such business with other customers, any termination could temporarily disrupt our business or otherwise adversely affect our financial condition and results of operations. We might not be able to replace such business on economically equivalent terms. In addition, during the current and prior downturns, we have experienced customers requesting contractual concessions even though contrary to existing contractual terms. While not legally required to give concessions, commercial considerations may dictate that we do so, given the relatively few deepwater customers operating in the GoM.
Intense competition in our industry could reduce our profitability and market share.
Contracts for our vessels are generally awarded on an intensely competitive basis. Some of our competitors are willing to accept lower dayrates in order to maintain utilization, which can have a negative impact on our dayrates and utilization. As a result, we could lose customers and market share to these competitors. Similarly, competition in various markets may also be impacted by U.S.-flagged vessels migrating in and out of foreign locations due to the pace of drilling activity in the GoM.
We may not be able to complete the construction of our remaining newbuild program or may experience delays or cost overruns related to that program.
We are currently constructing the last two MPSVs under our pending newbuild program. These vessels are large and complex. We are required to make remaining milestone payments to the shipyard and other vendors totaling approximately $62 million, the majority of which payments will be due in 2019 upon delivery of each vessel from the shipyard. While we have sufficient cash on hand today to meet these obligations, unforeseen events could result in our inability to fund these obligations when they come due, which could have an adverse impact on our business plans, financial condition and results from operations. Additionally, the shipyard is delayed and unforeseen events could result in significant cost overruns for which, under certain circumstances, we might be responsible. Such delays or cost overruns could impact our ability to meet our obligations to the shipyard and could otherwise materially and adversely affect our financial condition and results from operations.
The failure to successfully complete repairs, maintenance and routine drydockings on-schedule and on-budget could adversely affect our financial condition and results of operations.
We routinely engage shipyards to drydock our vessels for regulatory compliance and to provide repair and maintenance. These activities are subject to the risks of delay and cost overruns inherent in any large construction project, including shortages of equipment, lack of shipyard availability, unforeseen engineering problems, work stoppages, weather interference, unanticipated cost increases, including costs of steel, inability to obtain necessary certifications and approvals and shortages of materials or skilled labor. Significant delays could result in adverse effects to our anticipated contract commitments or revenues. Significant cost overruns could adversely affect our financial condition and results of operations.
We have grown, and may continue to grow, through acquisitions that give rise to risks and challenges that could adversely affect our future financial results.
We regularly consider possible acquisitions of single vessels, vessel fleets and businesses that complement our existing operations to enable us to grow our business. Acquisitions can involve a number of special risks and challenges, including:
diversion of management time and attention from our existing business and other business opportunities;
delays in closing or the inability to close an acquisition for any reason, including third party consents or approvals;
any unanticipated negative impact on us of disclosed or undisclosed matters relating to any vessels or operations acquired;